Thursday, January 31, 2008

3. Podcast

I was able to find a wide and  varied selection of podcasts that focus on children's literature by searching "children's literature 2008" at  One of particular interest, "Just One More Book," can be found at  Described as "a podcast about the children's books we love and why we love them," Just One More Book features two Canadian children's literature enthusiasts, Andrea and Mark.   Three times each week the two meet at a local coffee shop to discuss different children's book.  These conversations are recorded and posted as podcasts.  The podcasts can be accessed at the site in a number of ways:  by author, illustrator, category or theme, and through archives which are organized by month and date back to July 2006.  Below is a description from the site.

"Episodes range in length from 5 to 30 minutes and can be played directly from our page or downloaded to a portable MP3 player for listening on the go.  Each episode features and informal discussion of one of our favorite children's books, a discussion on book theme, an interview with an author or illustrator, or a listener submitted review.  Through this podcast and its website, we are building a lively interactive community linking children's book authors, illustrators, aficionados, parents, children, librarians, and publishers."

Just One More Book has been featured in School Library Journal and is included on the ALA's website as a great website for kids.  

Check it out for yourself at


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